Fit After 50

At 78 million strong, Baby Boomers are one of the largest and most powerful generations in the U.S. They have redefined aging and are more educated, wealthy, and tech savvy than their parents or any generation preceding them. Yet, despite these advantages, some studies, including a Harvard study titled “Trends in Obesity and Arthritis Among Baby Boomers and Their Predecessors,” show that many Boomers are actually overweight or obese, placing them at greater risk for chronic health conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.

As we age, we often lose flexibility, strength, and balance, which makes staying fit after 50 challenging, even for the most determined Baby Boomers. Working with an OSPTA Doctor of Physical Therapy can help you address these challenges, maintain fitness, and avoid injury. While helping you achieve your fitness goals, physical therapists take an individual approach and consider any pre-existing conditions or diseases that you may have to tailor a plan that is specific to your unique needs.

This Fit After 50 resources are provided to help you better understand the ways a physical therapist can help you improve mobility and motion to stay fit at 50 and beyond, in many cases without expensive surgery or the long-term use of prescription medications.

Symptoms and Conditions Guides

Physical therapists take into consideration any pre-existing conditions or diseases when tailoring a fitness and wellness plan specific to your needs. The following are conditions common to Baby Boomers that can be prevented or treated with the help of a Doctor of Physical Therapy.



Frozen Shoulder

Herniated Disk

Low Back Pain

Knee Replacement

Physical Therapist Tips

From preventing and reducing back pain to developing a customized exercise regimen, physical therapists help people preserve motion and mobility as they age. However, they are also dealing with the physical challenges that accompany aging, and they are sharing their experiences to demonstrate that physical activity doesn’t have to end with age.

Symptoms and Conditions

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