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OSPTA is pleased to announce Bryan T. Leake, DPT has joined our staff!  He is a May 2018 graduate of Radford University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Dr. Leake is a native, having been born and raised in the Fredericksburg area.  He eared his undergraduate degree from James Madison University in exercise science. Dr. Leake is fully licensed to practice physical therapy in Virginia and treat all patient types.

Dr. Mary M. Huebner is currently the primary clinician training/mentoring Dr. Leake.  Mary M. Huebner, DPT, OCS, a physical therapist for over 33 years is finding Dr. Leake to be skilled, energetic and knowledgeable.  She notes he has tremendous potential to fit into the group of OSPTA clinicians upholding the reputation and superior standards which have become our trademark.  Dr. Marshall Rennie will also be highly involved as a mentor for Dr. Leake in the future months.  Dr. Leake completed a clinical affiliation at OSPTA for many weeks with Dr. Kash Eagleton of OSPTA while still in PT school.  Founding partner and former president of OSPTA, Dr. Brian D’Orazio has also been spending a few hours of training each week on specific topics to complement Dr. Leake’s initiation to the practice. OSPTA remains dedicated to providing the highest level of care to our patients. Welcome, Dr. Leake!

Why Choose OSPTA?

Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Associates (OSPTA) was founded in 1983 with a commitment to serving the community in need of both orthopedic and athletic physical therapy care. The mission of OSPTA was, and remains, returning patients to pain-free, active lifestyles.

Within the experts of the physical therapy profession, the doctors of physical therapy at OSTPA rank among the most prestigious. All have a wealth of knowledge, impressive resumes and hold the highest credentials.

This is further enhanced by the diversity of our therapists including those “home grown” and trained here in Virginia augmented with those trained and experienced in other parts of the United States; bringing an unmatched, rich complement of true talent, skills and a depth of proficiency.

➢ Dr. Barbara Ehman, PT, DPT joined OSPTA in 1987 — became partner in 1994

• Physical therapist since 1987

➢ Dr. Marshall Rennie, PT, DPT, OCS joined OSPTA in 1996 — became partner in 2002.

• Physical therapist since 1996

➢ Dr. Mary M. Huebner, PT, DPT, OCS joined OSPTA in 2001 – became partner in 2008

• Physical therapist since 1986

➢ Dr. Kash Eagleton, PT, DPT, SCS joined OSPTA in 2003 – became partner in 2008

• Physical therapist since 1999

 OSPTA is distinguished by:

➢ Doctoral degrees – held by all of our physical therapists.

➢ Board-certified specialists in orthopedics and the only board-certified specialist for sports therapy in the local area.

➢ Sub-specialization in the treatment of specific injuries and conditions, making us true specialists.

➢ Direct access certification from the Commonwealth of Virginia, for all OSPTA physical therapists – patients may see us directly

The Sports Performance Institute (SPI), a division of OSPTA, was opened in 2002. Dr. Kash Eagleton is the Director. SPI’s mission is to improve performance as well as prevent and treat injuries in athletes of all skill levels.

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